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Update 7-25-16: Sorry for the delay in updates, I have been dealing with some very serious medical problems, that I am treating myself and I'm getting better every week, so the outcome looks good. 


That being said, my water jet guy informed me he'd be cutting my frames and front side titanium grips this week. He had a few very big jobs he had to get done to pay a lot of bills before he could re-cut my small order.  Took a lot longer than I had previously anticipated, so I apologize.


Next week I will finally have frames and I can start finishing out these knives that are about half built for you guys waiting on existing orders who have been upgraded to the new 'U-Bolt Button Lock'. I have a lot of blades pretty much done; a lot of clips and front side grips done, but I'll have to machine and finish out the frames for each knife before I can put them together for you guys. I was able to salvage enough frames out of that last batch (and some blades) to make enough knives to sell to my dealers to keep the electric on and bills paid around here till I got this next batch, but I'm about to have a wheelbarrow full of titanium frames!


Bear with me fellas, I've had hard time phyically dealing with this, but I'm not dead, and I'm not dying, although I thought I was a few times. I'm doing a lot better now and will continue my therapies until I'm back to 100%. I don't want to get into details on a public forum about what I've been going through, but I have shared it with some of you via emails.


Anyway, I wanted to give an update so you guys are kept in the loop who are waiting on existing orders. 



Update 5-11-16: Well, I got some frames in a few weeks ago but several of them were not cut right and had WAY too much blowout. Fortunately we didn't have all of them cut out of my titanium sheet, but by the time I got them, my waterjet guy already started another big job, and now I'm waiting (next) to get back on the table, so it could be another week or two before I actually get this load of frames. I've got a lot of the new blades cut and partially machined. Got a lot of clips already made up, and several G10 grips cut and partially machined. So while I'm waiting on my frames, I'm trying to get the other stuff done to save a bit of time on the back end. Just wanted to shoot those of you who are waiting on back ordered knives an  update if I haven't already spoken to you.

Update 3/30/16: Here's a pic of a Scout and Cobra with the new 'U-Bolt' Locking Mechanism. This is a pushbutton lock, but engages just past the back stop of the blade on the opposite side.


Scout and Cobra 2

Scout and Cobra 1

Update 3/21/16: Sorry it's been a while since my last update; have been busy trying to get this operation set up for the new improved Scout's and Cobra's with the New 'U-Bolt' locking mechanism. I have finally got this CNC stuff down, and have finally got all my jigs and fixtures (including soft jaws) set up to run the new knives completely, and it has been a literal nightmare learning all this CAD/CAM/G-Code/Mach III/CNC machining in general, but I finally got it and am very confident now, so I'm actually starting to build these things. Those of you who had existing Frame-Lock Orders will get the new U-Bolt Scout or Cobra. 


I've chewed up a LOT-LOT-LOT of parts in the CNC machine, so I am very low on frames, clips, G10 and Titanium Grips, but I have some Titanium and G10 already at my Water-jet guys place ready to be cut as soon as it's my turn, then I can start cranking these puppies out and get this show back on the road again. I think I owe about 35 knives (give or take), and I have your invoices on the wall. Some of your parts are already cut; some of your knives are partially machined, so although I may not be making regular updates, believe me, I am working on your knives. This entire endeavor has really set me back. I apologize to each and every one of you guys who have been waiting since before the Tornado, but I am doing the best I can, and I absolutely will get everyone's knives finished and delivered as quickly as humanly possible. I'm going to estimate about 8 weeks from now that most, if not all back orders will finally be filled now that I'm set up and running, so bear with me fellas - I'm on it!


Here's a few pics of some parts and knives that are in the works, just so you guys can see the new lock and see shit is finally rolling in the right direction around here. I added more pics in the 'Shop Pics' folder of the soft jaws and some more parts, etc. Didn't want to upload all of them on the homepage, it might really slow it down for some people, but here's two. This is a spring loaded push button style lock, but not a conventional push button.


Anyway, just wanted to give you guys an update so no one feels like I've forgotten about you; I have not forgotten about anyone, and this is NOT a case of the sqeaky wheel gets the grease (as in those who scream the loudest will get their knives first). I'm building them as quickly as I can, but it is probably going to be about 8 weeks before I get everyone's knives done, so please be patient just a little while longer, I am on this!






Update 2-12-16: If you've sent me an email over the past two weeks and haven't heard from me, you might resend me another one. My email got spammed somehow and I have almost 3,200 emails that came into the '' account before we got it stopped. I don't have time to sift throug 3,000 emails to find all the legitimate ones, so please shoot me another if you haven't heard from me.


Just a quick update: For those of you waiting on the upgrades for existing orders, I will be puting up some photos of Scout's and Cobra's with the New Locking Mechanisms in just a few more days, so stay tuned!


Everyone who has a frame lock on order that I have not delivered yet, will be receiving the new-updated locking mechanisms and 1/2" pivot-Allen Bolts.


My apologies for being so late on some of these orders, it has been a real bitch learning all this CNC coding; Mach III; CAM/CAD; G-Codes, etc. I'm getting pretty good at it now, so this year I should be coming out with some brand-new Kick Ass Blades, but must get these back orders out the door first and foremost!


Thank you guys who have been understanding and supportive, I truly appreciate it.





Update January 2, 2016 at 10:05PM/CST


I spoke to Dwaine this afternoon, and he will not be back at the shop until next weekend (January 9th or 10th), and will begin answering emails and phone calls that following Monday when he'll be back in the shop. He is dealing with some personal issues that have kept him away from home longer than originally anticipated, but wanted me to update the site for his customers so they would know why he's not available, and that he has no access to his emails until he gets home.


Site Administrator

For those of you who don't know me on a personal basis, I have studied Law and Medicine for about 15 years, so believe me when I tell you that what you are about to read is very accurate with regards to your Rights and Interference of those Rights by Gov't Agents/Agencies. 


Be sure to read the comments below the article, too:

The Second Amendment Isn't Under Attack, You Just Don't Know The Difference Between Statutes and Laws:


This is not just a topic for fireams, it is relative to ANY charges brought against you by any CITY OF**, STATE OF**, or UNITED STATES Corporations.


Here is another to help you understand more: This is also applicable to those of you who wish to use Cannibis Oil to heal Cancers and other ailments, or any sort of alternative healing methods you wish to use for you and your family that the almighty STATE has deemed 'illegal', which is NOT unlawful, there is a difference.


I'm Facing Five Years For Possession of Marijuana, What Can I Do?


Statutes are NOT Laws, Learn Your Rights.


A prosecuting attorney has filed a criminal complaint against you on behalf of some corporation such as the STATE OF TEXAS; the CITY OF GALVESTON; the UNITED STATES, etc.?


Then make him produce his Plaintiff so you may cross examine him.


STATE OF TEXAS vs John Q. Public [illegal possession of***]


PS: If you copy and paste this information to any forum and get any slack from attorney's or prosecutors calling me a 'quack' who does not know the law, send me the link and I'll be more than happy to chime in and educate them to the facts on an open forum for the world to see.


The STATE cannot be an injured party, as the STATE cannot show up in court to verify the claim, and if there is no man/woman to verify the claim in open court, then the STATE has no case, and the prosecutor is therefore filing 'false claims' against his fellow man in an attempt to unjustly enrich himself and the STATE, which is an unlawful and unhonorable act on its face.


For Law to be good Law it must be EXPRESSLY written - Not Implied. Is your name expressly written in any of those restrictive firearms statutes? Are you being compensated to abide by restrictive firearms statutes, which are NOT Laws?


Slavery and Involuntary Servitude are Against the Law on American soil (see Amendment XIII), and no man may compel performance from another man (force him to abide by internal corporate statutes) without fairly and justly compensating that man for his performance, period!

I actually shipped out four more this week, but only get photos of two of them. Two of the knives were ordered pre-tornado. For those of you seeing some get their knives before you, even though you ordered your before they did, I have left several explanations as to why here, but here it is again:


I destroyed a LOT of knives/parts of knives that should have already been delivered while learning how to run this CNC machine. Because of that, I had to start many of them over, which ultimately sets them back even farther. Some knives have come together (luckily) a lot faster than others, especially ones that were ordered later because I progressively got better with the machine as the months went by, so of course the later knives didn’t suffer all the mistakes the earlier knives did. I did the best I could, and still am.



I have recently started doing a Black Oxide Finish on the Cobra's and Scout's stainless blades. For those of you who have not received your knife yet, perhaps it is a fortunate turn of events, as I've also recently changed from the old 1/4" pivot to a more robust .437 pivot barrel and .560 head bolt diameter that is much slicker; much stouter, and I also believe it helps smooth up the action a bit. I'm still trying to set this operation up, but I have made a few and wanted to share a few pics.




Cobra M6 with Black Oxide 2

Cobra M5 with Black Oxide1

Shipped out 3 more over the last week, and here's 2 of them. One was from Jan, 2014 and the other was ordered long before the Tornado that I lost and had to start over. Remember, I am not able to ship/complete all the knives in the order they were actually ordered, and here is why: I have screwed up a lot of knives with this CNC learning curve that should have already been delvered, but have had to, for one reason or another start the knife over; the blade over; the frame over, etc. because I tore it up in the machine because I was still learning, and if you forget to dot an 'i' or place a decimal somewhere in that G-Code, you can kiss that part goodbye. Running this machine takes some serious practice, and I did not have the luxury of having a CNC machinist 'friend' who could come by the shop and show me the ropes, so the learning curve was/has been quite extensive, and VERY expensive, but I'm getting pretty decent at running it now.


If you have an outsanding order with me, believe me, I am working on your knife. I know a lot of makers have screwed people out of a lot of money over the years because they went through 'tough times', but that ain't me! This past two years have been hell getting back on my feet, but I'm doing a lot better and working 12-14 hours/day out there in the shop. When the smoke clears, there will NOT be one person on this planet that can say I fucked them out of their knife/money and did not deliver. You can take THAT to the bank!





I've shipped two more out this week, here is one of them that is going to a recent B.U.D.S. Graduate as a gift from his Father that has been on back order. Congrats, Parker! To the Naysayers: Keep chirping out there. I got knocked down by the Tornado and the CNC learning curve over the last two years, but "I didn't hear no bell", and I'm not going out like no chump. Every single back order WILL be filled, bet your ass on that. For those of you have been patient and understanding of my circumstances - Thank You, it is very much appreciated.



Another one out the door today. If you have a knife on order with me, I know about it and I'm working on it, believe me! I screwed up several knives with this CNC machine that have been on back order for a while and I'm having to (or have had to) rebuild certain blades, frames, grips, etc. Therefore, some guys who ordered knives may not get them in the order they were ordered in and I apologize. If your buddy ordered one a few months back and you had one on order prior to the Tornado, but he got his before you did, that is the reason why. I'm getting pretty decent at running this machine now, but the learning curve has cost me several knives and parts, but rest assured, I am working on YOUR knife/kinves, too. I want to post some photos of knives being shipped so you guys can rest assured that I'm on it; I'm working nearly every day, and absolutely WILL get all these back orders out the door. The naysayers can kiss my ass. I've been doing this full time for about 16 years and never had a problem prior to the Tornado and this ridiculous learning curve I've had to go through learning this CNC machine and all the software it takes to make this thing sing. Thank those of you who have shown continued support and patience while I'm climbing out this hole, it is very much appreciated! I'm selling a few knives every month to my dealers to pay the bills, but not putting any on the site and have only sold a very-very few via emails because I'm REALLY focused on getting caught up with everyone so I can start fresh and get this show on the road again - full bore. Trust me, I'm not going anywhere; I'm not out of business, and not going out of business, and I sure as hell absolutely will make good on EVERY single order I have on the wall, and if you don't believe me, just hide and watch Wink




I guess I'll start posting some pics and mail receipts for the naysayers who are doubting that I'm working to get these back orders out the door. If you ordered a knife from me, believe me, I know it, and I'm still building it, and you have not been forgotten about. I'm shipping a few out every week, so rest assured. I'm not out of businees; not going out of business, and work at least six days a week out there, and will continue to do so until I am completely caught up with everyone!


Here's another one that shipped the other day.





Update May 18, 2015: Again, if you have sent me an email over the past month and did not hear back from me, please send me another one. I believe we have the email situation ironed out, but I just received an email this morning from April 24th. I'm attempting to post these updates on the site as announcements for anyone on forums, etc., that say they have not been able to get into contact with me. If you know someone who has contacted me but not yet received a response, please refer them to this posting - Thank you, Dwaine.

Update May 14, 2015: I'm back home now and will be back in the shop tomorrow. Remember, if you have sent me an email and have not heard back from me, please send me another one. I believe we have the email situation ironed out now. 

Update: May 12, 2015: I'll be back in the shop tomorrow; had to help some friends with the flood that hit us here in Oklahoma this past week. I also believe I have now fixed my email problem, but I know for a fact that I have lost some mail in this fix, so if you've sent me any mail over the past two weeks or so (possibly longer), and you have not heard from me, please send me another one to make sure I've received your message(s). Thank You, Dwaine.

Update as of April 8, 2015: This is specifically for all the 'naysayers' and forum 'chattering' little bugs out there in internet land that seem to believe I'm not working my ass off to get these existing orders out the door. Those of you spreading the word that I'm not making a recovery from the Tornado; that I'm not actually making knives; that I'm not fulfilling my obligations to the best of my ability, and telling people they'll be lucky if they ever get their knife - this Bud's for you! 


I've been doing this full time for 16 years and have never NOT delivered a knife yet, and I'm not about to start now Wink Won't be long and all this internet 'chatter' from the bugs will come to an immediate halt when Dwaine makes the announcement on his website that ALL existing orders have been fulfilled.


For those of you I owe knives to, just relax and bear with me. I know who you are; I have your invoice on the wall; I see your name every single day on my wall; I'm working on your knife(s) as fast as I can; I'm puting in 12-14 hours a day in the shop to get caught up with everyone and get my life back on an even playing field. I've had email problems because of my antivirus/secure line, but we're slowly getting it ironed out. If you send me a message and don't hear from me in 48 hours, send another one.


No, I'm not going out of business; yes, I'm making knives every single day; yes I'm coming out with a new locking mechanism for the Scout and Cobra folders, as well as making larger pivots (1/2" approx) with custom bolt heads and barells. Yes, I had to go through a very painful learning curve with this CNC machining, as I had no one around here who could show up for a few weeks to teach me, so the curve was MUCH longer than I had anticipated. Nonetheless, I'm getting pretty decent at running this machine now, which is going to help me put out even better/slicker/sexier products in the near future.


Thanks to those of you who have not hounded me on a daily basis; thanks to those of you who have been patient with my learning curve; thanks for those of you who haven't attempted charge backs on existing orders because you heard through internet 'chatter' that I would never get caught up; that I was going out of business; that there was no way I could recover and fulfill my previous obligations. To the people who doubted me, eat your crow Tongue out


For those of you who may be interested, check back over the next few days and I'll be adding a photo or two of a 6 knife run of Scouts (3) and Cobras (3), that are numbered 1-6. I'm running these to help buy more materials as well as a regular knee-mill and better lathe. There will only be six of these made to close out the frame-lock series of the M250 Scout and Cobra because I'm moving onto a new locking mechanism for those knives.  If you are interested in one of these six knives, send me an email.

















email notification

Update as of Feb 3, 2015: As most of you already know, I lost my home and shop in a Tornado and have had to rebuild everything; reverse engineer everything, and learn how to operate a new CNC machine, which has been a very long and tedious process that has really set me back up to now.


When I lost the shop, I also lost close to 100 knives that were in the process of being built. Some were very close to being completed, and others were early on in the process. Because I lost all those knives that were pre-paid for by those customers, I am having to rebuild those knives as well as the knives I've taken orders on since. In this process, I also have to pay my bills and eat, therefore, I am selling a few knives every month to my dealers, and I will also be listing some on eBay for sale. So, if you have a knife on order and see a knife (or two, or three, or four, etc.) pop up on a dealers site, please understand that while I'm filling these orders, I also have to EAT and keep the ELECTRIC on around here, or this operation goes belly up and there we are.


Right now I'm down to about 47 back orders, which includes knives lost in the Tornado, so I am most certainly making progress and shipping knives out every week. When I say "47 back orders", that is the TOTAL number of knives I owe current AND pre Tornado customers. As of now, since I'm getting pretty decent at running this machine, I'm getting 6-8 knives per week delivered, so rest assured, if you have not received your knife yet, it is coming.


I will NOT be listing any knives for sale on the site until I get all these back orders completed and shipped. There are a lot of email notifications that have to go out to people on this notification list (see banner above to sign up), and they do not all go out at the same time, which makes it just a bit unfair for anyone who doesn't get the notification for 12 hours after I've posted the knife. I've got to get some work done to the site in an attempt to rectify this little problem.  


Edit: I probably won't be selling much on eBay, that 10% is just a wee-bit too stout for my taste. 


If you want to purchase a knife direct from me, please use the contact page.


For anyone wanting to place an orders, the pricing is further down this page.


PS: I am running an Antivirus on this computer with a Secure line-gizmo that sometimes kicks my mail into the spam folder, and sometimes I may not catch it for a day, so either hang tight or send me another email just in case.



Just wanted to throw up a pic (a few more here) of progress on learning how to run this new CNC machine so you guys know I'm still alive and cranking out parts on a daily basis. The learning curve on this machine along with CAD/CAM/Mach 3/GCodes, etc. has been a lot more than I had ever anticipated and it has really backed me up on orders, but at least now I'm heading in the right direction and making consistent parts. (Sept. 24, 2014)

Spacers 4

ATTENTION: The only knives I am currently making are the M250 Scouts and M250 Cobras. All other knives on this site have been discontinued; never to be made again.


When I discontinue a knife, it is a done deal. This helps keep the value of the knives up for those who've invested in them. If I just keep on making them after I say I won't, it only hurts the value; therefor, when they are discontinued, I won't build another one for $20K or $50K .... I've kept my word on this for many years and fully intend to continue the tradition.


You can see the Scouts and Cobras by either clicking this link:


Or, you can choose them from the drop down menu of the GALLERY button above.


NOTICE: Take the time to look at the photos. The Cobra and the Scout are two different folders; the Cobra has more flare and curvature on the grip than the Scout; there is a HUGE difference between the two grips if you'll look. Both knives have the same three blade options:

Model 4, Model 5, and Model 6. The model 4 is the Wharncliffe style blade; the Model 5 has the big dip in the spine of the blade just past the thumbstuds, and the Model 6 has no dip in the spine. So, you can get a Cobra with a Model 4 (M4), a Model (M5), or a Model (M6) style blade, and the same applies for the Scout.


Those knives start at $875.00 with CPM-154 Stainless and G10 front side grips. I have Coyote Brown/Black/OD Green G10 to choose from.


If you want a Titanium front side grip, add $200.00

If you want a Damascus blade, add $200.00


Shredded Steel or Chameleon Pattern ....... Add $100.00 (I no longer do the dark colored patterns, only the Shredded Steel 'light' or the Chameleon 'light'. Look through the other albums and you will see the difference).


Shipping/Insurance for one knife in the US ..... $20.00

Overseas shipping/Insurance for one knife ... $30.00


I accept paypal and credit cards as well. Just shoot me an email and we can work out the particulars if you find something in that album you like.


Hope this helps answer some of the questions for you guys.


Thanks for the business fellas, it's very much appreciated.