Back Orders Shipped

I will update this page with photos of shipped backordered knives

I have already shipped out 3 more since last week but did not take photos for this

                                                 Andy, your knife is complete and on its way. 

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Tastes Great-Less Filling

Ms. Dyson uses her minor in psychology to determine how to best approach her subjects and get inside their comfort zone without having them shut her out. This ability allows her to capture the magic of the moment in her special event photography and unique portraits, providing her clients with amazing images that delight them.


Zion National Park, Utah
Sunset over Lake Michigan
National Cathedral, Washington D.C.
Malibu Beach Wedding, CA

Capturing the Magic

Ms. Dyson spent time in her undergraduate program pursuing a minor in psychology at an affiliated college. She looked into the psychology of personal space and boundaries to learn how to get inside of their comfort zone and capture the true wealth of their spirit. This allows her to get the magic of special events down on paper.

Ms. Dyson doesn’t only limit her application of psychology to the magic she captures in her photography. She’s also an avid volunteer in child abuse intervention services in her region.

Client List
  • Johnson Wedding Planning Services
  • Beautiful Babies Boutique
  • Fair River Art Show and Festival
  • Pretty Woman Wedding Shows
  • Amazing Grace Baby Services
  • Mount Green Musical Festival

Sample Pieces